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Frequency 528 Silent Disco
Frequency 528
Frequency 528 Silent Disco
From djs, to live bands, speeches/lectures, guided meditation/yoga, and binaural beats.  Indoor and outdoor events from house parties, clubs/bars , ice skating rinks, rooftops, weddings, birthday parties, cook outs, electronic music events and festivals.  Whether you want to go 100% silent or add a VIP headphone experience at your next event, we have you covered.  "If you are having sound problems I feel bad for ya son....  I got 99 problems but a sound complaint aint one!"
Another way we like to use our equipment is in support of a sound system.  Whether your sound system is smaller or needs to be turned down early in the night, headphones are great way to let the participants pick how loud their music is.  Headphones also block out unwanted sound, while maximizing good stereo mixes.  Music just sounds better through headphones.  This is for all our audio freqs!!! 
What Is A Silent Event
Or Silent Disco Anyways? 
Rather than using a traditional speaker system, music is broadcasted via radio transmitters with the signal being picked up by wireless headphones worn by the participants.​
Frequency 528 uses high quality industry standard, 3 channel transmitters and headsets.  This means you can have up to 3 different  stations playing at one time, while the user gets to pick directly from the headset.  




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