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Frequency 528 Silent Disco Subpac


This Universal Law states that everything in the Universe moves and vibrates - everything is vibrating at one speed or another. Everything you see around you is vibrating at one frequency or another and so are you. Everything has its own vibrational frequency.

The biggest complaint we have heard about silent disco's since we began, is the you can't feel the music.  

Frequency 528 has set out to change all that.  

We have designed and built our own Bass-Quake vibration dance floors. These are synced to the low end frequencies of the DJ they are assigned too.  These floor take anything from 130hz - all the way down to 5hz and turn those frequencies into a vibration you can feel throughout your whole body.  


These floor are 100% mobile, and can be configured in many different ways. From 4x8 sections for one - three channels, to 8x8 sections for three channel, to one 24 square ft dance floor for just one channel! They can be used indoor or outdoor and have thick rubber feet that protect flooring from damages.  

They are a great addition to any party, silent disco or traditional projected sound event. 

Frequency 528 Bass Quake Floors

We didn't stop there though.


We also have invested in some bass backpacks provided 

from a wonderful company called Subpac.  These backpacks are very lightweight and tight fitting for easy movement while dancing or being active.  
Frequency 528 is the first silent disco company to offer this to our customers at all the events we throw! 

Between our Bass-Quake floors and our Subpacs,

Frequency 528 aims to transport you into a world of music, frequencies and vibration that we like to call a

Personal Sound System! 

Come vibrate at a higher frequency with us! 

Frequency 528 Bass Quake Floors
Frequency 528 Silent Disco
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